Sunday, 5 June 2011

What's next??

So its actually now been a couple months since my last post!?  Wow, time certainly does seem to fly these days, its crazy!  Things have been going fairly well since I wrote last, I have been teaching quite a bit and been working at creating even further opportunity for myself to travel and teach. 

This past week I ended up being involved in a music video that was being shot just outside of Manchester for a new band called IvyRise.  I was unsure whether I should do the project or not, as financially it was not the best option for me but my curiousity won out and I ended up there, dressed in a period costume, looking like a quirky Marie Antoinette of sorts:P  It turned out to be a really good experience and much was learnt about how to choreograph for these types of things and everything ran very smoothly, so Im very happy I pushed myself to do it regardless of the seeming adversity.  This coming weekend, I have been invited to teach in Portugal alongside some amazing and talented choreographers from both Portugal and the UK and I am beyond excited to be back in this lovely country, doing what I love and soaking up some sun (hopefully!) in the process.  Going to Portugal last year was definitely one of the best experiences Ive had since moving here and if this trip is even half as lovely as the last, I will be extremely happy!  Somehow dancing in other countries (especially ones that arent necessarily as "developed" with regards to their dance scene) is extremely motivating and inspiring for me and always reminds me why I do what I do.  People tend to be much more appreciative of your time and talents in these places and are not afraid to outwardly show their appreciation, which leaves you with such a positive feeling:) 

I have also been spending a lot of time recently contemplating what my next step from here should be and have still not come up with any solid conclusions.  There are just so many things one can do in life and so many things to be accomplished that it seems utterly daunting and overwhelming to decide on any one particular thing at times!  I wish there was a little fairy godmother who could sit on my shoulder and make these important decisions for me, with complete certainty and knowledge of the best outcome for me.  Of course, this will never be the case and I will have to eventually make these decisions on my own but at the moment it just feels like there are so many "possible" paths, with no particular one seeming 100% right, just yet.  I am hoping that over the next little while the right one for me will unfold and I can walk down it with confidence and a clear vision of what it will hold for me.

This all sounds very deep and serious Im sure haha but having said all of this, I am also making a very concentrated effort recently to just enjoy each day as it comes and stay positive, motivated and healthy.  I am constantly working at battling my underlying fears around various things including, love, money, success and so on but also know how important it is not to let them eat me up and spit me out.  Replacing my negative thoughts and becoming aware of my negative thought patterns in general, seems to be helping with this but it is definitely an evolving process:) 

I am going to do my best to post sooner this time compared to last and thank you all for taking an interest in my life and thoughts.