Wednesday, 19 January 2011

money matters

So, its been a week or so since i posted anything here and I thought it about time I got back to it, before you all forgot about me:)

Its been an interesting past couple of weeks here in the life of Shauna.  My computer charger died at one point and I felt like I had my umbilical cord recut, it was so frustrating for me, this thing is literally my life blood these days and to be without it is almost numbing!  Sad but true story haha.  I finally got a new cord from a new friend of mine, thank gosh and life can beginning again.  Since getting it though, I have been unable to sleep as I have been feeling anxious and like there is something I need to be doing and there is literally not enough time in my day to get it all done.  I think last night I maxxed out at almost 5am!?  Oddly and on another topic, I had been feeling really positive about my financial outlook for the next couple of months as I came into the new year, which felt amazing.  A couple of days ago though, one of my main sources of income got cut, literally overnight and I felt like I was back at square one....up shit creek with no paddle in sight!  As those that are close to me know, I can be very good at creating things for myself in life and I pride myself on this talent.  The one thing I have always struggled with creating in abundance though, is money!?  This frustrates me to no end, at times, and is my eternal quest it seems.  With this past weeks interruption in my forcasted financial bliss, I realised it is all just a test and that I keep being put in these situations to test whether I truly do trust in the universe and its ability to provide for me.  Hmm, at this moment Im not so sure to be honest but I guess I better check those negative thoughts at the door and push forward with the positivity if Im looking to create any sort of change in this current circumstance! 

In every other aspect of my life at the moment, I feel completely surrounded by love and abundance and am excited and positive about the outcomes I have been seeing/creating.  Its like finances is the last frontier for me and I am in the standoff with it and I definitely refuse to lose, so it better budge asap! 

I will write more later this evening about more dance related topics but I just wanted to share that with someone since I was feeling the weight of it this morning.  I always hope that through sharing things, they will move on from my life and I will be able to grow in the process:)

Thank you guys for listening and hope you are having an inspired and successful year thus far!


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  1. Keep believing dear! It has to happen soon!
    Love you!