Sunday, 2 January 2011

My life in dance.....

So, since I am on a constant journey through life and dance and self love and at times loathing, I have decided to start a blog about it all!  I have never really been good at these types of things but am going to give it a shot and see what comes out:)

You're probably wondering, who the heck is this girl anyways haha.  Well that can only be answered by watching my life unfold I suppose but heres a rough outline.

Always being taught that I could do whatever I wanted, however I wanted if I just "believed" I have always taken the hard route in life and through it have met so many amazing people and had so many cool experiences.  I have been very blessed with a wonderful mother who has helped me to understand the power of my own creation (still mastering this) and so many beautiful friends and family that I dont even know where to begin in saying thanks for them all.  My day to day experiences are like anyone elses Im sure, in that they range from happy to sad to exciting to dull and back again but I always try to maintain an understanding of why things are happening for me and am on a constant mission to keep my thoughts full of love and positivity.  Ok cool your saying to yourself but how does this pertain to dance in any way?? hahah

Well, im not too sure to be honest, it just felt relevant somehow so I went with it hehe.  As far as dance is concerned, it has been my one true passion in life thus far and it took me longer than most to realise its pull on me.  A few years ago though, as I sat in my office plugging away at invoices and with a list of phone calls a mile long I realised it was time to follow that which had always driven me.  I quit my career job that I had taken so long to build up and was so proud of in so many ways and never looked back.  Since then, my life has taken a million turns and I have been on an adventure many people can only dream of.  Dancing has allowed me to travel all over the world including, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Switzerland, London, South Africa, Portugal and the list is growing!  Every day I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do and even though sometimes the road I chose seems challenging compared to the steady paycheque and mainstream approval that used to be mine, I have never regretted it for one second.  It has allowed me to grow in ways, both physically and mentally that I could have never imagined and I feel like my life experience has been more whole because of it.

Having said all that, I guess the reason I felt ready to start a blog now of all times, is that this year (2011) feels like it is the year to bring more clarity to what it is I want to do within dance and how I want it to evolve for me.  Writing has always been my means of shedding light for myself on my thoughts and feelings and so this time I thought I would share them with the intangible online world and see what results I came back with:)

I hope you enjoy my journey through life and dance and may we all grow and challenge each other along the way!  Keep your eye out for pictures, videos and stories of my adventures and travels:)

Much love to you all!


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  1. You're truly an inspiration. It's so great to see someone who has found what they love and pursued their gift no matter what may come your way. I can only hope to find myself along this road one day as well.
    Much Love